Hi, I'm Nicolas Pettican

My Background

Head of Development, Product Management
Leading the development of bespoke and innovative software products at MADANA, a data integration and analysis startup that aims at creating the best data privacy-enhancing technology. Responsibilities include team leadership, software development (Node, React and Python), DevOps (Bamboo and AWS), project management, business development support, innovation and research and development.
Unique Insights
Head of Development, Product Management
Lead the development of innovative software tools using Machine Learning technologies. My responsibilities included the creation, management and implementation of a new software product aimed at automating communication and providing better understanding of customers. Half the time I was writing JavaScript (NodeJS), Python for data analysis and managing DevOps, noSQL databases and AWS services. The other half I worked on the tech strategy, project management, product development and internal training.
Havas Lynx
Research Executive, Strategy and Planning
Carried out both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis; the former by creating automation scripts with Python. Worked within the Strategy team to inform the marketing strategy for global pharmaceutical clients by researching and analysing the digital landscape of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Designed and collated reports, and identified key recommendations to meet with client goals.
University of Manchester
Master of Science, Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Developed software and tools to analyse and understand biological data by combining computer science, statistics and mathematics in order to interpret data for clinical research. This included analysing the efficacy of biopharmaceuticals, assessing correlations between genomic and proteomic phenomena and applying computational molecular biophysics to assess the impact of mutations and post-translational modifications on protein function and how it affects the human body.
Manchester Students Union
Chair and Committee Executive, Bioinformatics Society and FLS Society
Co-founded the Bioinformatics Society during my Master's and oversaw the “Code for Life” series, offering workshops on software resources for life sciences students.
Organised and managed the events for the students of the Faculty of Life Sciences (FLS) for three years during my BSc. Raised funds for the FLS Society as well as for charity during this tenure and designed the logo, advertising material and handled the social media marketing as well as event management.
University of Manchester
Bachelor of Science, Biotechnology with Enterprise
Obtained an academic expertise on healthcare, life sciences, technology and business management, along with the entrepreneurial skills required to exploit technological advances within a competitive environment. Modules include clinical drug development, data analysis, pharmacology, biotechnology, neuroscience, business management and enterprise. Obtained a First in my dissertation. Communicated my research verbally and through written work. Led team projects, participated in discussion boards, debates, seminars and business workshops such as the XING business game and the Teamwork Challenge.

Some of my works

Dharma Bot
The interactive Buddhist calendar. Currently I'm the product manager and maintainer. Dharma Bot began as a small side project during my bot-building days. During this time I had a book that gave me a daily inspirational quote every day. I wanted to be able to bring them with me wherever I went. Therefore I took it upon myself to scrape the web in search of the best Buddhist quotes I could find. I also needed something reliable to remind me about important Buddhist dates. So far I wasn't happy with what was available. So I combined the Phugpa calendar along with the research I conducted and came up with an ideal calendar, complete with images for each event. I was quite pleased with the invention, so I wanted to share this with the world. And that’s when the idea for Dharma Bot was born. An app that can inspire you daily (or as frequent as you prefer) while also reminding you of important dates. Thus, Dharma Bot is catered for both Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike.
SEO Auditing
Sherlock algorithm
So, you have an amazing website, but it's not findable on Google search. You need to optimise it. To automate the boring parts, I created an on-page technical and content SEO audit algorithm that analyses the entire website scoring it according to the parameters set by the Google Webmaster Guidelines and best practices for SEO in 2017. Sherlock provides a complete breakdown of the elements that are crucial for snatching the top position in the Google results page and how these can/should be improved. Among other things, it checks for the following
  • Sitemap
  • Follow links
  • Nofollow links
  • Broken links
  • Response codes
  • DOM loading time
  • Encryption
  • HSTS
  • Redirections
  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Headings
  • IMG ALT attributes
  • File requests (CSS, JS, etc)
  • Content flow and relevance
  • And more...
Web Development
React, Node, JAM stack
React is my go-to for web apps and web components. I'm also a fan of quick static websites -- so the JAM stack is usually the way to go. Jekyll is my favourite. In fact, this website is on it's way to becoming Jekyll... -ised? -ated? You get me. Here's some of my other works.
Social Media Automation
Instabot & S.M.A.R.T.
Social Media Automated Research Tools are just that, a suite of tools that either automate social media analysis or automate your social media activity. So far the scope is just Instagram, for which you have SMARTEE, to Evaluate Engagement, and Instabot, which completely automates your audience engagement activity. SMARTEE tracks hashtags to either find brand ambassadors among your employees or identify the influencers you can partner with to reach your audience. Instabot will directly engage with all these users by liking, commenting and following. Instabot is smart: it will unfollow users if you tell it to but only unfollow those who didn’t follow you back. It can also tell if a profile is fake and will avoid engagement. Soon it will have a stats module to show how your audience has grown through time thanks to Instabot.